The Story of Candaules

Being a some times fan of history and some of the interesting people that have already been here before us I like to browse through the stories of some of the kinkier people that have already done the many things we enjoy today.

One day I found the story of the Kings of Lydia and was instantly infatuated with the story of King Myrsilos, who was also known as Candaules.  The story says that Candaules was so in love with his wife and loved her beauty so much that he wanted to share it with his most trusted body guard Gyges.  He conspired to let Gyges see his wife undress before bed so that he too could share in her beauty.

Unfortunately for Myrsilos, Gyges was caught by the Queen and was forced to choose between his own death or the assassination of the king for his indiscretion.  I have learned from his mistakes and instead of doing things behind my Queen’s back, I’ve instead come to her and asked her to serve me and please me by giving herself to any one I desire and order.  She fell to her knees immediately and now instead of asking Gyges to make a choice… she invites him into our bed for me to enjoy while I watch until I feel the need to fulfill my own pleasures on her.

Would you like to be Gyges?

The story of Myrsilos is believed to be one of the first recorded forms of cuckoldry and I have to agree with him.  I love to share the beauty of my wife, my Queen, my slave.  The definition of a cuckold is one of a man who is forced to go without the pleasures of his wife or partner while she is being pleasured by other men.  I do enjoy some aspects of those kinds of encounters and it is on my personal bucket list to experience over and over again.  However, my favorite scenes are ones of a Hot Wife nature.  Since I have found my own confidence through experience I like to know that I am in control of the scene and will always get what I want.  Call us and get what you want too.


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